Need a Cool Down from the Hawaiian Sun?

Ah, the Hawaiian sun. We love it. But, hey, after playing in it all day, who doesn't need a cool down? It's no wonder that Shave Ice is so popular here. There are some good ones around the islands.

A good one, for sure, is Ululani's Shave Ice.

What makes them stand out (and I love this), is that they make their own syrups, all natural. They make their own Mochi, which they hand cut as a topping. Azuki (red beans) are locally grown. They use Roselani Ice Cream. All premium. Ululani's Owner, David Yamashiro, cares deeply about the quality of his product. This was quite evident in my conversation with him at his Paia store. He takes pride in using only local and house made ingredients. The difference in taste and quality over everything else I have tried here is apparent. Treat yourself on Maui, at six locations, and one in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island.

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