Tangled Whaleshark Freed!

How’s this for hoʻihoʻi ea and my sister’s birthday. Remember a couple of weeks ago on the news. This whale shark was spotted off of Molokini entangled in a large rope. Folks at the time were unable to free it and DLNR has been looking for it. Well my sister and her family are on Lānaʻi and on Sunday they were diving off of Kaunolū. They saw the whale shark with the rope around it. And as if seeing a whale shark wasn’t cool enough, my bro-in-law Joby, after diving down 5 times in pretty deep water was able to cut the shark free!!!!! They brought the rope to shore and it weighed a whopping 150 lbs @dakineguybra2 @hoohilak #lahoihoiea #jobythefruitfly

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