Be Careful Out There!

This is a reminder that when exploring all of the wonderful sites Maui has to offer, use your best judgment.  This is not Typhoon Lagoon at Disney.  It is not inspected daily for your safety.  There are no handrails.  You are out there, my friends.  This just happened on Tuesday.  It happened twice in the same day while we were there last month.  One resulting in a fatality and one a near fatality.  Three sites come to mind, which are extremely dangerous in the wrong conditions.  Olivine Pools, Nakelele Blowhole and Dragons Teeth.  If the sea looks rough, with waves crashing over the top of the rocks, stay away!  You can still view from a safe distance, atop the cliffs.  Even the if it looks calm, never turn your back to the ocean.  Rogue waves happen all the time.  It doesn’t take much for you to be knocked off of your feet and swept over the rocks into the unforgiving surf below.  I don’t want to discourage you from seeing these sites.  But, use your common sense and live to tell others how beautiful they are.

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