Maui 2017: Day 8

May 9, 2017

Tuesday, we started to feel our vacation slip away from us, and we had to visit Makena at least one last time.  We started at Maluaka Beach, but felt the cloud over it was not going to budge.  So, it was off to Ahihi-Kinau again.  It's funny how you can find sun only a mile or two away from a place which has none.  Heidi and I took some really nice video.



After that, it was one last stop at Pa'ako Beach (Secret Cove).



 Obviously, we didn't take this one.  But, it show's Secret Cove in all of it's splendor.


An den....  We discovered Uber is on Maui.  Word(s) of precaution, though.  First, you WILL drink way too much with the knowledge that you won't have to drive.  Second, Uber service is still a little spotty here.  Just because you have a ride to your destination, doesn't guarantee there'll be one when you want to go home (the resulting taxi ride home was about double the Uber fare).  That said, Maui Brewing Company's Brewery is off the Pi'ilani Hwy in Kihei.  Oh, the Imperial Coconut Porter and it's smooth yet deadly 9.1% ABV is literally to die for.  Or, to put it in localspeak, broke da mouf.


 Yes, that's a cupcake tin.


 We were also treated to a very nice rendition of this Ani Difranco song by Elaine Ryan.


May 2017 Day Nine.





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