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Klaus' Plans Hit a Snag



Short story.  In 2005, Heidi and I were spending a day in Lahaina.  We were walking around enjoying the sights at the marina when we heard a woman yelling from the front steps of the Pioneer Inn.  "Sheisse, sheisse!"  As, I walked over to see what she was obviously so upset about, she came off the steps yelling to me in German.   She then led me by the arm around to the back of a pick-up truck parked in front of the Inn.  The truck had a ladder rack mounted on the bed with fishing poles hanging off the back.  A German man, apparently her husband, had tried to step past the truck.  When he stepped down he caught the end of one of the poles hanging off, and a rusty 2 inch fish hook was stuck in his temple.  There he stood hooked to the back of the truck.  His wife still carrying on, "Sheisse, sheisse."  I don't speak German, but I'm guessing sheisse means, "Oh my God.  My husband has a fish hook stuck in his head."  


Now, I know that normally you can push a fish hook all the way through and cut off the barb.  Voila, no more hook.  But, there's no way I'm pushing this huge rusty hook the rest of the way through this guys temple.  I'd expect to come out with some gray matter on the end of the hook.  Luckily, somebody came by with a pocket knife and cut the line, so the guy could at least sit down.


I decided I'd use my cell and dial 911.  How busy could they be in Maui?  A voice came on the other end, "Aloha, 911."  "Wow, you people don't give up do you," I said?   


Long story short.  I guess they weren't too busy, because they sent an ambulance.  

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