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Here is where you'll find how to best budget your time.  This has been the most popular section of this website since it was launched.  Probably because a lot of people are concerned that they'll end up wasting precious vacation time, and go to Google for an answer.  I guess there aren't a lot of places for that info, except here of course.  


Let me start by saying, you really should go longer than a week.  

You'll be tempted to run, run, run from the moment you get there.  As I said, the prevailing thought in your head is to not waste one minute.  You're thinking, "I don't know when I'll get out here again, and I dont want to miss anything."  Stop.  Slow down.  Get on island time.  Plan your adventures with plenty of down time.  You'll see in these itineraries, I've laid things out to give you breaks from running.  

If you attempt to do all the must sees in 7, 10 or even 14 days, you'll be exhausted,

and end up needing a vacation from your vacation.    

Hover over the Itineraries menu and select the desired page. 

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