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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions I get asked most often.  There are so many of you, who have either approached me in person or online, asking me, "How the hell you do this?"  Hopefully, I can answer you here in short form, and you can read on further via the provided links.  You may also use the Facebook comment form at the bottom of the page, or the chat box to ask any other questions which may arise.

How much will this cost?

This is definitely the most frequently asked question.

The answer is, not as much as you think.

Obviously, if you want to take more people (ie: kids) it's going to cost more.

You're better off making this trip, especially the first one, just you and your significant other.

Kids, particularly, younger ones aren't going to appreciate Hawaii for what it is, anyway.

They'd be just as happy on a beach in Florida.

That being said, your 10-12 day Maui trip will cost roughly the same amount as

a week on a cruise or an All-Inclusive in the Caribbean.

More info HERE.

How long should I go?

I always tell people, at least 10 days.

It's a long plane ride which will eat up most of your first day of vacation, and you want to get the most bang for your buck.  Ideally, I'd rather you take at least two weeks.

More info HERE.

How long does it take to get there?

From the east coast, it will typically take you 14-15 hours including layovers.

Depending on the route and where you stop will determine what the longest leg of the trip will be.

If you stop on the west coast, it will take 5 1/2 to 6 hours to then reach Maui.

More info HERE.

How can a plane ride that long be worth it?

Keep your eye on the prize.  YOU WILL be richly rewarded!  

The destination is SO WORTH the pain of getting there.


I've had a few friends, while walking off the jetway in Maui proclaim,

"There is no way this place will be worth that flight."  


Within two days, they're ready to move there.

More info HERE.

Where should I stay?

In a condo.  

This is the best advice you'll get.  If you stay in a hotel you'll be stuck with the expense of eating in a restaurant 3 times a day.   Your food bill will be substantially lower by eating in for 2/3 of your meals.  Also, you can get a condo for around the same price as a hotel per night.

More info HERE.

Aren't groceries expensive there?

Greatly exaggerated.

I've found grocery prices to be slightly higher than at home in New York State.  But, if you shop the weekly sale flyer, you'll be spending around the same as home.

We've shopped for 4 adults for about $200, and had enough food to last us 12 days.

More info HERE.

You should do the bulk of your shopping at Costco in Kahului, near the airport.  If you don't have a membership, buy one.  You save that, and then some.  Food, oven-ready meals, LIQUOR, beer, beach towels, snorkel equipment, even Hawaiian shirts for $19.99!!  Go shopping there as soon as possible after your arrival (within a day or two).  If you go after you've already been on Maui for a week, you'll be afraid of not using up the larger items before you go home.  PRO TIP: Tommy Bahama Cooler/Backpack Chairs.  These are awesome.  A lot of condos will supply these.  A lot won't.  Check with your host and ask specifically about these.  A regular beach chair will suffice.  But, these are the Cadillac.  You can rent them by the day or week from most dive/snorkel shops for $20/week.  OR....Buy your own at Costco for $33/ea.  Do the math.  If you're there for 2 weeks you're already saving money.  You can even sell them to a dive shop for $10/ea.  So, you're only paying half the rental price.  Or, leave them in your condo for the next renter.  (We also gave one to a homeless man, who was very grateful.)

More to come!
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