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I'll be adding my own diving info and experiences here,

as well as those from some of my other diving friends.

For now, enjoy this fun info from Scuba Mike.

A Handy Little Shore Dive Map from Scuba Mike
Scuba Mike's Site

Scroll through it right here.

Here are some links to the places I've done Scuba with.

Wakashige Underwater

Check out some awesome underwater Maui pics taken by my friend, Mike Wakashige.

He's the guy who first showed Heidi and I the wonders diving, and was our Scuba Certification Instructor.

We are forever indebted to him.

Click HERE to see the rest of his gallery.

What the What?!!

It has also come to my attention, through reading Scuba Mike's page, that Anglerfish live in the waters around Maui.  I'm sure VERY deep waters, which would explain why I've never seen one (The deepest I've gone is 85 feet).  I was pretty sure I knew what an Anglerfish was, but was compelled to verify through Google.  I was right.  It's that weird looking creature from the darkest depths with the light hanging off it's head.  Also in my search, I discovered the plight of the Male Anglerfish.  Here's the explanation from The Oatmeal.

Much more to come.

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