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Coconut Chronicles
Tiki Time: Toronto


We're currently taxiing toward our runway in Toronto. The last message from the flight deck went something like, "Well, folks. Uhhhh. The tower tells us we're number 14 for take off. Uhhhh. That would put our takeoff in about a half hour." Oh, yay. It looks like we may get to Denver just in time to miss our connection.

Maui Delirium


There is a phenomenon we have discovered, known as Maui Delirium.

Is this the delightful sense of delirium you experience,

as you immerse yourself in the splendor that is Maui?




Quite the opposite...

US Airways Debacle


Here's one time when our route was completely out of whack.  

This was the first and only time we flew US Airways.  Incidentally, it was also the most expensive.  It was 2007, Heidi and I were traveling with our friend Colleen.  The trip got off to a bad start, when an idiot light had to be replaced in the cockpit of our plane before we even left Buffalo.  Do planes even have idiot lights?  That's disconcerting.

Misplaced Island Time


As I've previously stated, one of the first things required when arriving in Maui, is to get your island on.  That means slowing down, getting off that rat race rush, and getting on "Island Time."  One day, I was not on island time.  It didn't go well.  We were scheduled on a morning whalewatch in Lahaina, where I came very close to getting into a beef (fight) with a local. Here's the abbreviated version. 

Sharkbait: Hoo Ha Ha! 


"Hey, you keep talking about all these water activities on Maui.  

What about sharks?"

Should you be worried about sharks?  Not even a little.  I'm not saying they aren't there or that you aren't entering their domain when you step into the ocean.  What I am saying, is don't let it keep you from doing anything.  Shark attacks are extremely rare.

Klaus' Plans Hit a Snag


Short story.  In 2005, Heidi and I were spending a day in Lahaina.  We were walking around enjoying the sights at the marina when we heard a woman yelling from the front steps of the Pioneer Inn.  "Sheisse, sheisse!"

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