Our planet is in trouble. If you are unaware, our oceans are dying. People are oblivious to it because they can't see it. I know our attention span is short. Just watch a few minutes of this from the point I've set the link to. Better yet, watch this tonight instead of HGTV. If we lose the reefs, our survival will be very d...


This is a tricky one.  With people starting to make travel plans again (all the extra precautions now required will make it easy to forget some things you should know), part of that involves car rentals.  Who you rent from, and their insurance rules can make a huge difference in both the price of your rental and the headach...


If you've read anything else on this site, you know I'm all about Maui travel and pretty much no where else.  But, after going to Maui a dozen times (and still loving it), you do start to wonder if you're putting all your eggs in one basket.  After all, it's a big beautiful world out there and my philosophy is (at least now...


Our friends at Pride of Maui have released the above statement regarding Full Faced Snorkel Masks. We agree. I have personally used several brands of these. While some are better than others, none of them provide enough breathable air during exertion. Be sure to use a snorkel tube recommended by a trusted dive shop, and not...


Let me add this.

It seems like I've been hearing this a lot lately.

Everytime I hear of someone consulting a travel agent to plan a Hawaii trip,

they wind up taking a Hawaiian cruise.  


I don't mean that as a pirate.  That's frustration.

Let me repeat this.  DO NOT TAKE A HAWAIIAN CRUISE.

Especially on your first trip...


I was just going to add this to the end of the Maui travelogue.  But, it wouldn't be fair to the wonderful trip that was Maui 2018.2.  As I've stated previously, getting to Hawaii from the Eastern U.S. isn't without pain.  I expect that.  I have used United Airlines more than any other to get to Hawaii.  Recently, however,...


As I start to write this, it's Wednesday, November 14, 2018.  Day 14, here on Maui.  We leave tomorrow, around 2pm.  So, this is our last full day here and I'm awake at 3am, trying to get re-acclimated to East Coast time.  This has been a wonderful trip.  The weather has been spectacular, and that isn't always the case in F...


Here's a nifty little tool I've come across.  

It works for your adventures on Haleakala as well as

the Road to Hana.  

You'll download the app while you have a wifi connection, and it will work even when you lose your cell

signal (as you will in spots of both of these tours).  

I used this app on recent drive on the Hana Highw...

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