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Jim's Maui Guide


We specialize in helping people in the Northeast U.S. realize their Maui dreams affordably. Follow us on Twitter @jimsmauiguide! Mahalo!  

The Latest on Covid-19

Please do your homework before planning any travel.

 There is currently a mandatory 10-day quarantine for anyone arriving in Hawaii without a negative test from an approved vendor.  

There is a June-July timeline for a Vaccine Passport for Trans-Pacific travelers.  Nothing solid yet.

 Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and listen to the experts.  

Maybe we will be able travel again someday,

when we ALL get this under control.

Read my blog post on this subject, as we attempt a Maui trip during Covid.

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         First of all, congratulations for choosing the best island on the planet. 

I’m not kidding.  The travel magazine, Conde Nast, conducted a poll and for 30 years, asked readers what their favorite island is.  Maui won 21 years in a row.  (Are they crazy?) 

Apparently, they picked somewhere else the first 6 years!  They had to change the catagories a couple of years ago to avoid sounding too repetitive.


Secondly, let me apologize right now. 

Because I’m about to help you into what may turn out to be a life-long addiction.  

Welcome aboard.  I was bit 21 years ago, and life has never been the same. 

When’s the next trip?  Can we pull off two years in a row?  Can we go in the fall? 

Honey, I don’t care if we just got back.  
A wise man once said, “Life is what happens between vacations.” 

It isn’t about forgetting your responsibilities, just the opposite.  It is your responsibility to take care of yourself, mentally as well as physically.  There isn’t anything better for your mental well-being, than leaving all your stress and worries behind, and going to a place that won’t allow you think about them.  Those thoughts may creep in a day or two before you leave Maui, as you realize your Hawaiian dream is ending.  That’s when you’ll say to yourself,

“Wow, I haven’t thought about that garbage all week!”  

This place has that effect. 


Alright, enough with Philosophy 101.  You’re looking for travel tips and I’m here to help.


(Here are the two most important pages on this site.

They will show you when to go, how to get there, where to stay

and how to do it affordably.

Travel Arrangements and Let's Do the Math.)


I’ve been fortunate enough to get out there a few times.  Currently thirteen. 


Why am I telling you this?  

Because even with that number of trips, I still haven't seen everything the island has to offer.   Also, I can help you to see only the best of what I’ve experienced. 


Why haven't I seen more? 

Because there is so much to do!  Hundreds of beaches, hikes and adventures.  

Thousands of activities and dining experiences.  

Of course, people have their own favorites.  You'll have yours, too.  These are just my opinions.

I hope to see and do most of the sights and attractions there before it’s all over.  

I'm not an expert, by any stretch.  
Just a guy who's been there, and wants to spread the aloha.

Our planet is in trouble.

If you are unaware, our oceans are dying. People are oblivious to it because they can't see it. I know our attention span is short. Just watch a few minutes of this from the point I've set the link to. Better yet, watch this tonight instead of HGTV.

If we lose the reefs, our survival will be very difficult.
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