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West Maui Drive

I’ve rated this third, as far as road trips go.  Mainly because, if you decide to circle this entire side of Maui, it gets a little treacherous toward the end.  The road here hugs the edge of a cliff and it gets down to one lane for a stretch.  So, if you encounter someone coming in the opposite direction, you may find yourself backing up to the nearest turn-out.  However, there are some pretty sights while the road is still two lanes.  You could turn around there and head back, like you will in Hana.  
This is the route you’ll take to go to Lahaina, which is a must see, even if you decide not to do this entire drive.  I’ll go more into depth on Lahaina later.  Beyond there are the beaches and hotels of Ka’anapali.  Kapalua is further north, and hosts a PGA tournament annually.  You can even play this course, if you're interested.  Other nice sights include,D.T Fleming BeachHonolua Bay and Nakalele Blowhole.  The Olivine Pools lay just beyond where the road turns into one lane.  

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